Sustainable Web Manifesto

“If the Internet was a country, it would be the 6th largest polluter”  1 Total ICT emissions from How to stop data centres from gobbling up the world’s electricity compared with Carbon emission by country

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We need a sustainable internet

We all share and use the web, just as we all share and live on this planet. This manifesto is a public declaration of a shared commitment to create a sustainable internet.

The planet is experiencing unprecedented climate change and the Internet is both part of the problem and the solution. From websites to cryptocurrencies, the Internet consumes large amounts of electricity in data centres, telecoms networks, and end user devices. If the Internet was a country, it would be the 7th largest polluter in the world and is expected to grow considerably by 2030.

If we embrace sustainability in our work, we can create a web that is good for people and planet. By signing this manifesto you declare your commitment to create a greener web.


The services we provide and services we use will be powered by renewable energy.


The products and services we provide will use the least amount of energy and material resources possible.


The products and services we provide will be accessible, allow for the open exchange of information, and allow users to control their data.


The products and services we provide will not mislead or exploit users in their design or content.


The products and services we provide will support an economy that nourishes people and planet.


The products and services we provide will function in the times and places where people need them most.

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Tom Greenwood (Wholegrain Digital), Tim Frick (Mightybytes), Mike Gifford (OpenConcept), Andrew Boardman (Manoverboard), Jack Amend (Web Neutral Project), Matt Hocking (Leap), Jack Lenox (Susty WP), René Post (Green Web Foundation), Chris Adams (Product Science), James Christie (Sustainable UX), Jerome Toole (Wholegrain Digital), Chris Butterworth (Wholegrain Digital), Josh Stopper (Wholegrain Digital), Alex Hughes (Wholegrain Digital), Pete Markiewicz (Pindie Space)

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